No Longer With Us, But Forever Loved!

Sunny D Corson "Sunny D":

Our very first lab was a White English lab that we have treated like our child. We previously had golden retrievers as a family dog and always shied away from Labradors because we heard rumors of Labradors being high strung. My husband wanted a hunting dog and my golden retrievers were too old to hunt (12 & 13 yrs old.) So we did our research and found our "Dream Dog " Sunny D. She came from a long line of Field Hunting Champions. After raising Sunny D, falling in love with her intelligence and her eagerness to please us I had to share it with the world! Sunny D put all those bad rumors about Labrador retrievers to shame! She was potty trained by 10 weeks old, she knew all her commands by 6 months old and started field training by 1 yr.

We had to move my mom who came down with Alzheimers into our home and Sunny D attended to her 24 hrs a day. She would retrieve everything my mom would drop, Sunny D would sleep at my mom's bedside and watch her every breath when she would cough! We were shocked at her intelligence, how calm she was with my 76 yr. old mother. Sunny D would walk quietly; not to wake my mom up while taking her afternoon naps. When my mom needed me and called my name, Sunny D would run into where I was as if to tell me she needed me. We were surprised at the calmness of this beautiful dog around my weak mother, thinking she would jump on her or knock her down. This is all a myth about retrievers, if given the right training these beautiful animals can heal people, I've seen my mom change since we moved her into our home and it has to do with the love and attentiveness Sunny D has given her when we can't!


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