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Berger is already 26 pounds! He’s doing great with potty training. He’s going out on his own if the door is open & hasn’t had an accident for 10 days. He’s a very sweet boy. He sleeps on the bath mat while I shower. Sometimes on his back with his legs in the air. He’s a lot of fun.


Thank you so much Tiffany for this amazing guy!! He has become a great field hunting dog and we could not have picked a better lab!! Ruger is amazing and we love him. Planning on a female next year for sure! -Austin 11/2107 PS photos are of us in willard hunting!! We barely had to train him, he new what to do and was so eager to get into that water, unbelievable.

I wanted to check in with you and let you know how much we love our puppy. We enjoy her so much. She has such good manners. Good disposition, just a great dog. She's so pretty, people tell us all the time "what a good looking dog", we're like (yea we know) seriously a good customer of our business told me he wants one of her pups. What a great compliment I thought. So I was wondering if you could recommend another breeder, we would like a male now. And we would like a black male.
What do you think? can you help us?

Thank you for the best dog ever...

Rhonda and Troy

Tiffany, Wow! It's been a long time since I have given you an update.

Kenai is doing awesome! She is doing really well with her obedience for a therapy dog, and a hunting dog.

She is a professional at sit, stay, heal, lay, laying on the bed or couch holding still, she doesn't jump on people, she is very calm around starling objects and noises. She is also doing good at retrieving on command.

She LOVES to wrestle and play with my dads dog. Those two get playing and running so much that when its time to go to bed she's out like a light.

She is a wonderful dog, with beautiful genes and a wonderful personality.

Her and my son are best friends :). When he is having a rough day I will lay her in his bed with him and let them be. She has a wonderful calming affect on him.

Thank you so much for her, and when she certifies as a therapy dog I will invite you to her certification ceremony.

Thanks again,


Hey Tiffany!
I just wanted to take a moment to send you a thank you for this awesome puppy! She has wowed us with her smarts and athleticism. Her temperament is sweet and playful. She gets along very well with our other animals. We love her!
I will send pics once I can get her to be still for a minute 🙂
Have a wonderful time on your trip!

~ Wendy

Tiffany Courson (TLC Labrador Retrievers) is awesome for doggie day car and boarding. She boards our Lab mix a week at a time when we travel. Her family and pack welcome new dogs.The environment is safe, healthy and adapts to each new dog's needs. We could not be happier. We recommend Tiffany for all your dog boarding / day care needs!

Hi Tiffany,

I tried connecting with you on Instagram, but I don't think it worked. Here's an update on my puppy!
I named him Mojo, because he's little mister outgoing especially with the ladies (he's really into dangley hair). He's growing so fast! Here's a picture of him from this morning:

He's super smart and already has about a dozen commands down solid. He learns every trick in just one session. People are constantly commenting on how beautiful of a dog he is. Even the vet is an admirer, and he has three labs of his own!

He has been very healthy on-the-whole, though we did have a little vomiting scare last weekend. We have a great vet, though, and now Mojo has a clean bill of health!
Here are some pictures:

Hope all is well with you!

Hi Tiffany,
We just wanted to thank you so much for this Handsome guy!! We get stopped by every body all the time asking us where did we get this Black English lab. Tank is so smart, he hunts, swims with the kids, runs with my wife every morning 2 miles, he loves going in the car for road trips all the time. He's so intelligent and he's doing great. Thanks again for such a great dog!! We will call for a White English lab when we finish building our new home, Can't wait!



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